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Select a cohort
You can restrict the analysis to particular cohorts on the basis of variables such as kind of degree course, university, degree subject grouping and - if active - faculty/department/school, degree course grouping and degree course.
Comparison columns
After having selected the cohort to be analysed, you can divide it on the basis of a further variable that you can choose among those available in the pop-down menu (e.g., gender, working activity during academic course). In this way you will obtain a direct comparison.
Graduation year
You can choose a single graduation year or run an historical comparison by selecting "all". The time series refers only to the degree courses/degree courses grouping that, in the last year, have produced graduates.
Kind of degree course
The choice of a given kind of degree course may determine the presence of other selection and comparison variables (e.g., the variable "class of degree" is available only for post-reform degree courses).
The information is available only after having selected a University. In brackets, after the name of the structure, it is specified "Fac." for Faculties, "Dept." for Departments and "Sch." for Schools.
Degree Subject Grouping
From the 2014 graduates, degree course grouping in geography (L-6, 30) and in geographical sciences (LM-80, 21/S) are in the disciplinary group "literary" and no longer in the "geo-biological".
Class of degree
The information is available only for post-reform graduates. The code associated by the MIUR to the class of degree is indicated between brackets (the code from M.D. 270/04 and the code from M.D. 509/99 are reported).
Degree course
For the post-reform graduates, this variable associates a univocal code to each degree course activated in a given university (i.e., the code of the database of training supply). Therefore, it can be selected only after having made a choice among kind of degree course and universities and at least one variable among the following ones: Faculty/Department/School, degree subject grouping or degree course grouping. It doesn't allow you to compare different universities. The code associated by the MIUR to the degree course grouping is indicated between brackets.
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